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Jim’s Biography

Jim best At the age of 12 I was bitten by the entertainment bug. WOKY radio was blasting out songs like Little Willy And Love Will Keep Us Together every morning before school. The melodies swimming through my head all day (instead of schoolwork, whoops.) inspired me to write my first legitimate song - REASON FOR LIVING (sort of a fluffy, Davey Jonesish, kinda diddy.)

Eventually, after hearing bands like KISS & AEROSMITH, Hard Rock was the new addiction. It was cool & energetic & in those days it still had singing & melodies.

Jim best I scooped up a couple of friends & started a band. We messed around with members coming & going all the way to my senior year of high school when we started taking it more seriously. We all matured in our thinking & our playing & I hit the stage at age 17 in my first group ARZAK.The band lasted about two years.

In the mid eighties I was in WOLVERINE, a fairly successful outfit in the local Milwaukee scene. In 1990 I fronted the Racine based band VIILAIN.

All these bands were from the hard rock school. This is still my first love - playing the music of VAN HALEN, DEEP PURPLE, QUEEN & writing my own songs. I have been very lucky to have played with great guitar players & musicians to collaborate with.

Circa 1995 I slowly weened off the harder stuff & started a Bubble Gum group entitled DANDELION WINE. The set list consisted of 70's one hit wonders such as, Don't Pull Your Love, Brandy & I Think I Love You.

I don't know if my tastes were maturing or I was just getting old, but eventually I teamed up with a Neil Diamond impersonator & started traveling down the Sinatra road. We were called DIAMONDS & MARTINIS. We sang live to recorded background tracks. Some people consider it cheating but for me it's really the best way to go.

I left the duo approximately two years ago. I am now doing things my own way & perform a plethora of styles & genres. occasionally I have guests singing on the same bill. Truly a night of variety.

Musically yours,


More About Jim

Jim best

Why book Jim Best?

Jim Best music is hip, elegant and bold. He puts a wonderful new spin on the songs we love. Whether he’s singing a swing standard, pop classic or love ballad, his soulful yet classic style comes shining through. Some of the songs that gets the croud moving is reminiscent of classic singers like Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin. Jim will work with your organization to meet your music preferences and budget requirements.

Vocal Music Styles:

Adult contemporary, 70’s & 80’s, Jazz & Swing, Big band, Pop, Motown, Rock, Country, Christmas holiday, R & B, Lounge..


Music CD’s of Jim Best

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John Doe

Jim Best In The Grip

Jim Best In
Musicians: (unless otherwise noted)
Jim Best – vocals, drums, Charming Smile
Scott Finch–bass,keyboards,guitar,humorous wit
Mike Wieses–all guitars,vocals,all-around nice guy

Produced by: Jim Best / Scott Finch
© 2009 Jim Best

1. The Grip (Best, Wiese, Tracy)
2. What She Said (Best, Wiese)
3. Walking The Dog (Rufus Thomas)
4. When She Looks At Me (Best, Wiese)
5. You Make Me (Best, Gajan)
6. Let It Be Knows (Best)
7. Shoot Down (Best, Gajan)
8. Firedog (Best, Netzel, Walch)
9. Thinking About You (Best, Wiese)
10. Sex In The Morning (Best, Wiese)
11. Run With The Wolf (Best, Wiese)
John Doe

Jimmy Best And The Bubble Gume Factory

Jimmy Best And The
Bubble Gum Factory
vocals & drums: : Jim Best/ guitar&vocals: Mike Wiese / bass & keyboards: Scott Finch

Produced by: Jim Best & Scott Finch
Recorded at: Velvet Sky Studio, Milwaukee, WI

1. Love Grows
2. Downtown
3. So Far So Good
4. My Baby Loves Lovin’
5. Dizzy
6. Cupid
7. Don’t Ever Look Back
8. Hooked On A Feelin’
9. Angel Baby
10. Kiss The Girl
11. I Think I Love You
12. I Want You Back
13. The Grooviest Girl In The World
14. Don’t Pull Your Love
15. Rainy Day Feeling
John Doe

Lady of The lake

Jim Best
Lady Of The Lake
Jim Best – vocals, drums on “Best For You” & “Vision Ruined
Steve Netzel: All Guitars, Vocals & Bass
Steve Michaels: Drums
Evil Kneevers: Keyboard, Vocals & Bass

Produced by: Jim Best, Steve Netzel & Evil Kneevers
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Evil Kneevers
Recorded at: A+ Junkyard, Milwaukee, WI
© 1990© 1994© 2003

1. Lady Of The Lake
2. Grow Up
3. Best For You
4. I’m There
5. Let’s Bottle It
6. Escape From Alcatraz
7. Then She Smiled
8. She’s The Doctor
9. No More Valentines
10. Changes
11. Vision Ruined
12. Out Of Control

John Doe

Never Keep

The Jim Best Project
Never Keep
Vocals: Jim Best / Guitars: Mike Wiese / Drums: Andy Lomax / Bass: Tom Malta / Keyboards: Scott Finch /
Background Vocals: Dawn Jones
Produced by: Jim Best, Mike Wiese & Scott Finch
© 2004

1. The House Of Stories
2. Stories
3. Two Survivors
4. I Spotted A Leprechaun
5. Right In Front Of You
6. A Cold Winters Sight
7. The Shannon Mermaid
8. Stronghold
9. Noah’s Ark
10. Murder At Soldiers Home
John Doe


Jim Best

Produced by: Jim Best & Paul Kneevers
Engineered by: Paul Kneevers & Jeff Hamilton
Recorded at: Cornerstone Studios, Milwaukee, WI
© 1990© 1994© 2003

1. Rita Rita
2. Havin’ A Ball
3. Reason For Living
4. All Baba’s Lagoon
5. Sgt. Rock
6. Halloween
7. Donna Do You Wanna
8. Royal Blood
9. Garden Raiding
10. Woman Of Mystery
11. Panty Lines
12. After The Flesh
13. Headed To The Island
14. Sinbad
15. Deadmen Tell No Tales
16. Red Baron
17. This Eatin’ Machine
18. House Of Wax
John Doe

James Best 007

James Best

Produced by: Jim Best & Evil Kneevers
Engineered & Mixed by: Paul Kneevers
© 1993© 2001

1. Makin’ Me Hot
2. Vampire
3. Tracy
4. Cry For The Children
5. Can’t Dream Forever
6. Life Cycle
7. Stonewall Kelly
8. Rockin’ Train
9. Everyday
10. You Haven’t Lived


Jim Best has undoubtedly provided some of the best live music that I have enjoyed...They seem to have a real mix of music which brings to life any party and any event, and always ensures that it remains one of the best in your memory. I have no hesitation in recommending jim Best Projects for those who really want to enjoy themselves and have a lively party.


Whatever the occasion, a Charity Ball, Corporate Entertainment, Weddings or Festive celebrations, jim Best Projects can cater for everyone..

Helen Fayle

Thanks to Jim Best for helping make my birthday the most memorable yet, every box was ticked!

Joshua Insanus


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For inquiries about booking Jim Best please call 414-543-2580 or fill out this form, and we’ll get back to you pronto. We also welcome your comments about Jim’s music, website, or whatever’s on your mind.


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